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ODADAS/ODMH Joint Fiscal Staff on the Money with Consolidation Progress

Posted on 8/28/2012 by in ODMH ODADAS Consolidation Fiscal

By Ashley González
ODMH Public Information Officer

With the approaching one-year anniversary of the consolidation of the ODADAS and ODMH Fiscal Divisions, I recently sat down with both Fiscal Chiefs – Rosaland Gatewood-Tye (ODADAS) and Dalon Myricks (ODMH) – to gain their perspective on their progress so far and what still needs to be accomplished.

Two-part series:

Part 1:
Ashley: What challenges did you face when you began consolidating the two agency Fiscal Divisions in October 2011?

Dalon: So we’re coming up almost to the anniversary of it [consolidation].

Rosaland: We should have a party!

Dalon: One of the things I think that was sort of at us, you know, was understanding each other’s work environments a little sooner than just being able to transition into it. So we found ourselves in the middle of a – I don’t want to call it a crisis, but really where critical decisions needed to be made and you didn’t know enough in order to give a full decision to it, but you had to make one anyways. And we found ourselves in that situation on several different fronts. I think what that did was showed that we were all-in, and it showed a commitment from us as CFOs that we were going to work through it. When I first think about it, I don’t think we had all of the right questions or answers in front of us, but I think the decisions we’ve made were the same ones we would have made today. Like everything else, we’ve had our stumbles and we had our successes, but I think when folks look back at it now, the fact that we got together early, and tried to work on some non-work relationships to help foster the work relationships, probably was a good move for us.

Photo: ODMH Fiscal Chief Dalon Myricks (left) and ODADAS Fiscal Chief Rosaland Gatewood-Tye visit the state budget simulator at the Ohio Statehouse Museum. For Myricks and Gatewood-Tye, creating an agency budget is all too real.

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