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ODADAS/ODMH Joint Fiscal Staff on the Money with Consolidation Progress

Posted on 8/28/2012 by in ODMH ODADAS Consolidation Fiscal

By Ashley González
ODMH Public Information Officer

With the approaching one-year anniversary of the consolidation of the ODADAS and ODMH Fiscal Divisions, I recently sat down with both Fiscal Chiefs – Rosaland Gatewood-Tye (ODADAS) and Dalon Myricks (ODMH) – to gain their perspective on their progress so far and what still needs to be accomplished.

Two-part series:

Part 1:
Ashley: What challenges did you face when you began consolidating the two agency Fiscal Divisions in October 2011?

Dalon: So we’re coming up almost to the anniversary of it [consolidation].

Rosaland: We should have a party!

Dalon: One of the things I think that was sort of at us, you know, was understanding each other’s work environments a little sooner than just being able to transition into it. So we found ourselves in the middle of a – I don’t want to call it a crisis, but really where critical decisions needed to be made and you didn’t know enough in order to give a full decision to it, but you had to make one anyways. And we found ourselves in that situation on several different fronts. I think what that did was showed that we were all-in, and it showed a commitment from us as CFOs that we were going to work through it. When I first think about it, I don’t think we had all of the right questions or answers in front of us, but I think the decisions we’ve made were the same ones we would have made today. Like everything else, we’ve had our stumbles and we had our successes, but I think when folks look back at it now, the fact that we got together early, and tried to work on some non-work relationships to help foster the work relationships, probably was a good move for us.

Photo: ODMH Fiscal Chief Dalon Myricks (left) and ODADAS Fiscal Chief Rosaland Gatewood-Tye visit the state budget simulator at the Ohio Statehouse Museum. For Myricks and Gatewood-Tye, creating an agency budget is all too real.

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Goal of Consolidation to Better Support Ohio’s AoD and Mental Health Services

Posted on 8/16/2012 by in ODMH ODADAS Consolidation

By Orman Hall, ODADAS Director
Tracy Plouck, ODMH Director

Dear Stakeholders,

As promised, August has become a very busy month on the consolidation planning front. We have many work teams underway and we've asked each of the team facilitators to post information related to his or her progress on a continual basis. As such, the content of this website is constantly evolving and we encourage you to check for updates frequently. We want to clarify that the primary focus of our consolidation planning is to affect changes that will enable a new, consolidated department to better support the provision of AoD and mental health services throughout Ohio. We have a limited period of time to develop consolidation plans that will be incorporated into the FY 14/15 operating budget, and we are committed to providing recommendations and implementation plans that are of the highest quality. With that said, it is imperative that we focus on those items that are related directly to the consolidation rather than employ an approach that seeks "change for the sake of change."

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State Fair Ticket to ODADAS/ODMH Public Outreach

Posted on 8/6/2012 by in ODADAS/ODMH

By Ashley González
ODMH Public Information Officer

Some people might wonder why ODADAS and ODMH participate in the Ohio State Fair. What do ferris wheels, corndogs, and addiction and mental health services have in common? Don’t most people visit the fair to have a good time and forget about the serious issues?

Each year the fair draws hundreds of thousands of people (more than 830,000 attended last year!) from throughout the state, as well as neighboring states -- some of whom may need help for an addiction or mental health issue they or a loved one are facing. Having a presence at the fair is one of the best means of reaching a large, diverse audience. Many who stop by the booth are seeking information for a family member who is in need of services and they don’t know where to turn. Many are teachers who are looking to distribute prevention-related information in their classrooms. Some are professionals who work every day with clients facing addiction and mental health issues. Others are in recovery and stop by to share their stories.

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