About ODMH

About The Ohio Department of Mental Health is responsible to establish and support a program at the state level to promote a community support system in accordance to section 340.03 of the Ohio Revised Code to be available for every alcohol drug addiction, and mental health service district. The essential elements of a community support system shall assist in identifying resources and coordinating the planning, evaluation and delivery of services to facilitate the access of persons with a mental illness to public services at federal, state, and local levels and shall operate inpatient and other mental health services pursuant to the approved community mental health plan.

To carry out its responsibilities, the Department funds, reviews and monitors community mental health programs, in part, through 50 county-level boards. Each board is required to submit an annual community plan to the Department. These boards, which in most cases oversee both mental health and addiction services, do not directly provide services. They act as local authorities, contracting for services provided by private organizations and the public psychiatric hospitals operated by ODMH. These local systems of care contract with more than 400 local agencies/providers of behavioral health services.

In addition, the Department funds a consumer (Ohio Empowerment Coalition) and a family (NAMI of Ohio) advocacy organization as well as a variety of initiatives that support and promote the access to quality treatment and services that are responsive to culture, preferences and values.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is the promotion and establishment of mental health as a cornerstone of health and wellness for individuals, families and communities throughout Ohio.

We envision a sustainable system of care where recovery is expected for people with mental illness and all Ohioans can access quality treatment and supports that are responsive to their cultures, preferences and values.
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