About the Transition


On May 4, 2012, the decision by Governor John Kasich to consolidate the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services and the Ohio Department of Mental Health was announced publicly. This consolidation is an opportunity to advance commons sense government by breaking down service barriers between the mental health and addictions systems. These two populations, while distinctly different, share many common characteristics, including that they are both affected by biological brain disorders. For more information, please see our Consolidation Opportunities one-page talking points.

While a complete legislative package to create and formalize the new agency is not anticipated for enactment until July 1, 2013, joint planning and partnerships have already begun. Slated to move forward with joint leadership by July 1, 2012 are the following divisions: Fiscal, Information Technology, Communications and Legislation, Medicaid, and Legal. The consolidation process will make use of the project planning resources from the Ohio Office of Health Transformation. A project planning team will work through the many issues related to consolidation through the use of subcommittees, including:

Understanding that communication is key to making this process and productive, you will find information related to the work and frequent updates on this website.  Feel  free to send in questions to contribute to the FAQ at any time via consolidationquestions@mh.ohio.gov.

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